Friday, August 21, 2009

Less than 24 Hours to Go....

The day of reckoning is approaching! And I say, BRING IT. I've done the work and then some for this show, and I am welcoming the critical eye of the judges. I can go into this show saying there is nothing I'd change, do differently, or wish I'd done. I didn't cheat or slack. I think my body shows that. I have more recent pics, but I've decided to keep it under wraps until show time. And I am so excited that I will have friends in the audience rooting me on, as well as friends backstage to enjoy the experience with me!

So much to do today....shower, start painting on tan, get my bag together, cook chicken....the list goes on! My parents come in this evening to help with watching Kenden, and I know he'll be so excited about that. So, more to come...the saga continues...and I hope to have some awesome updates after tomorrow evening! xoxo

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